Insurance of risks related to aviation is one of our specialties. This is a complex field of work requiring meticulous attention to details. The low likelihood of an accident is more than outweighed by the disastrous damage if an emergency does occur. At our market, aviation insurance is underdeveloped due to the lack of large clients. Nevertheless, there are certain insurance products that make it possible to arrange a convenient, advantageous and sufficient insurance coverage. Unfortunately, as of now, we do not offer comprehensive insurance coverage of the aircraft, the crew and liability under a single contract, however, we do provide insurance in each individual area. Some believe that only airplanes and helicopters are subject to insurance, but this is not the case – anything classified as an aircraft may be provided with insurance coverage.

We both appreciate and comprehend the specifics of the aviation insurance market. We are able to arrange a decent option for you, whether you are a commercial flight services provider or use an aircraft for personal conveyance. We could also prepare all the documents required to ascertain the availability of an active insurance policy in strict compliance with the established forms, and will ensure these are properly maintained.

We offer brokerage services in the following lines of insurance:

Aircraft insurance.

If needed, the insurance contract may be extended to include war risks, risks of sabotage, hijacking and any other unlawful act, in relation to the aircraft.

Aircraft owner liability insurance.

This line of insurance provides coverage if liability is incurred for any harm caused by the aircraft to third persons (on the ground and in the air), passengers and freight owners.

Insurance of airport owner/airport operator liability.

This line of insurance would make it possible to carry out business without reservations, and would cover any damage caused by unintentional errors, omissions and by a conflation of unfortunate events during the performance of airport and similar operations;

Crew, passenger and parachute jumper accident insurance.

Our Company is one of the very few professional players at our country’s market to work with these kinds of risks, and we will be glad to offer our expertise and knowledge.


Sergey Shchurski

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