Our business started in 2012

Our business goes back to 2012 when a multi-brand insurance agency was established. In 2014, we procured a state registration as a professional insurance broker acting in its own name on behalf of insurers (insurance companies) and/or policy holders (clients).

Concluding a brokerage agreement with the insurer is the standard option of starting a business relation. We may also operate under a contract concluded with a client if needed.

We are an independent insurance broker focusing on insurance of corporate clients and their employees.

Presently, the Company employs 19 highly skilled professionals that possess broad experience of insurance and insight of industry sectors, and that continue to develop their knowledge and hone their competencies.

The major areas of services provided are vehicle insurance (including motor own damage insurance), company property and liability insurance, life and health insurance of employees (including private medical insurance programs).

Our Company’s headquarters is located in Minsk. In 2020, we established a branch office in Brest.

Insurance agency
Insurance broker
Office opening in Brest

Our benefits are:

  • Reputation
  • Knowledge
  • Experience
  • Innovation
  • A history of international relations
  • Global servicing
  • Insured event support

Our clients enjoy:

  • Time saving
  • Cost saving
  • Freedom of choice (of insurance institutions)
  • Comfort
  • Comprehensive and effective insurance coverage

The company employs 19 highly qualified specialists

In 2022, we were rated among the Top 3 of Belarusian insurance brokers. Our Company is the leading independent broker, that is, a broker which is not a subsidiary of a parent business or an affiliated company. This means our clients are guaranteed to be offered non-biased advice and high-quality analytical services.

We are focused on safeguarding and ensuring the success of our clients’ businesses through the variety of our professional services aimed at the selection, administration and support of insurance schemes.

One major benefit Belopolis is offering its clients is personalized approach – at all stages of our relationships. Not only do we employ flexible policies, we also promote such a flexible approach in our partners at the insurance market as well.

Depending on the client’s expectations, we deliver results, whether it is the most attractive cost of either standard or custom insurance products, providing cover of the most risks and extensions possible, or an advantageous combination of insurance budget and coverage. Regardless of the objective, our clients enjoy exceptional brokerage services that help to save time of professionals and the company’s funds, and to focus on the core business.


  • Property
  • Employee benefits
  • The experts of the insurance broker Belopolis are well aware of all types of insurance on the market and will help you find a first-class solution for your business that covers all risks and eliminates unnecessary losses.


Insurance of official vehicles against accidents of driver and passengers


Property of enterprises and organizations

Legal entity property insurance


Legal entity liability insurance


Business interruption

Business interruption insurance


Health insurance

Voluntary medical insurance (VHI) of personnel



Employee accident insurance

Insurance abroad

Medical insurance for employees abroad



Employee life insurance