The medical services sectors is one of the most heavily regulated in our country. Due to this fact, establishing a business in this sector may require massive efforts and resources, and may be overly demanding on the owner in terms of time and stress. Here, the cost of any mistake is very high.

Insurance will not prevent such mistakes or any incidents, nevertheless, insurance is an affordable and convenient instrument which could minimize adverse financial consequences of many mishaps.

Apart from standard insurance contracts, e.g., facility or equipment insurance, insurance of liability to the lessor, we offer professional indemnity insurance contracts for medical specialists. Presently, most insurance companies offer similar products, however, their offerings vary widely in both scope and cost. You should be aware of the fact that the cost of an insurance contract is not always an indicator of its scope and relevance to potential risks. The contract must consider the business profile and appreciate the list of services provided, their cost and potential consequences.

We will assist you in understanding policy provisions, and will share our expertise of handling claims under such types of policies.

Apart from the above, we offer accident insurance contracts (these may also cover risks of contracting a disease) for medical personnel since in their line of work there is always exposure to certain risks.


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