The sphere of information technologies is a major driver of development and the growth point of today’s economies.

Unlike industrial production, the main resource demanded by the IT sector to output products is highly skilled labor. Here, the importance of human capital exceeds that of any tangible assets. For this reason, personal insurance, or employee insurance, has become the main insurance product for the IT industry. Today, private insurance schemes offered by IT companies to cover for employee medical services have become something common. However, this is not the only line of insurance that you may offer to incentivize your employees.

Cooperation with our Company would provide assurance that your employees are soundly protected from any unforeseen threat.

To IT companies, we offer the following lines of insurance that would supplement their benefits package:

Medical expense insurance.

The insurance is arranged based on the requirements of your staff, and with careful attention to your every desire.

Accident insurance.

A line of insurance underrated by many, it provides for financial compensation of injuries and temporary inability to work. Most recently, this line of insurance is becoming sought-after since insurers tend to list the risk to contract Covid 19 as an accident.

Medical expense insurance when traveling abroad.

This line of insurance may be of interests to companies that send their employees to business trips. At the discretion of the employer, we arrange this line of insurance as in the form of an additional service.

Life insurance and supplementary pension insurance.

Endowment insurance is the simplest and most affordable method of investment and arranging one’s financial cushion. Besides that, this is one of some few transparent and unambiguous ways to detach savings from the owner.

Apart from personal insurance, we may develop and maintain, based on the particularities of your business activities, insurance programs in the sphere of property insurance (ranging from office space to office machines and equipment), insurance of liability related to rental operation of space, as well as other traditional lines of insurance.

Lately, insurance of professional liability in the provision of IT services has become increasingly popular. This line of insurance is a novelty at our market, nevertheless, it has already gained some popularity. We are prepared to look into the requirements of your customer and to arrange professional liability risk insurance based on your contractual terms.

Apart from the above, we could offer your employees special policy conditions as part of individual insurance contracts that they may require (CASCO, apartment or house insurance, etc.). Our comprehensive insurance services would free up your employees’ minds to be more productive.


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