Construction and operation of a business center are two parts of ambitious and complex projects that require considerable financial investments and a great amount of work.

Operation of such a facility is alike an intricate web of interactions of persons that take part in the process. Some of the essential groups involved in these interactions include:

  1. the Owner(s) of the business center;
  2. the Controlling Company (or Partnership);
  3. the Service Provider(s);
  4. Tenants.

All these entities inevitably engage in relationships related to operation of the business center despite the fact that there may be no direct contractual relationships. One way or another, activities of some persons become dependent on actions of others. In order to prevent alienation of parties due to any contingencies, we offer to consider the opportunities proposed by the insurance market in compensating the damage resulting from activities relating to operation and servicing a business center.

We offer to develop an insurance scheme which will take interests of each of the engaged parties into consideration.

Such a program may involve:

  • Insurance of property and assets of the lessor;
  • Insurance of property and assets of the lessee;
  • Insurance of the lessor's liability for any damage caused in connection with operation of facilities;
  • Operating enterprise liability insurance;
  • Construction and installation (repair) work liability insurance;
  • Other lines of insurance.

When engaged in joint operation of a facility, good relations with neighbors are essential. Insurance is the tool which could make it possible to both cover any damages and retain the good relations.

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