At current market, the highest added value of commodities is generated virtually exclusively by commerce. We believe this situation not accidental but expected since this sphere involves many risks. In fact, all the risks that may affect production and logistics taken separately apply to wholesale and retail commerce.

Due to this reason, an insurance program designed for wholesale and retail trade enterprises will necessarily involve many lines of insurance offered to production and logistics businesses, however, it must also consider certain risks specific only to commerce. Certainly, competent risk distribution may serve to transfer certain liabilities onto partners or customers. This, however, entails a decision of whether to entrust such an important risk coverage instrument as insurance to an external, less responsible, company.

To wholesale and retail trading enterprises, we offer the services of insurance program development and formulate recommendations on insurance of partners, suppliers and contractors. If required, we would also provide support in cases of occurrence of an incident which may be classified as an insured event regardless of the kind of the actual incident – whether it be a delivery of damaged goods or a failure of some industrial equipment resulting in commodity stock deterioration.

More recently, medical expense insurance (MEI) contracts has gained popularity due to staff shortage. MEI is one of measures that can be taken to make a vacancy more attractive to a job seeker, as well as to incentivize employees. With employee insurance being one of our Company’s specialties, we would be glad to arrange an optimal option of employee insurance to enhance their loyalty to the employer, that is, your company.


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