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Neither the insured nor the insurer are interested in the occurrence of incidents that may result in damages. It is impossible to preclude such incidents (if it was possible, insurance would lose any sense anyway). When such an event does occur, however, many of the insured either overlook specific insurance contract provisions, ignore certain details pertaining to reporting and formalization of the incident or try to conceal actual circumstances. This is mainly due to the confusion a person finds themselves in when experiencing a shockingly unfamiliar situation or doing something for the first time. We do not offer instructions on how to deceive an insurance company. During our consultations, we use plain (rather than formal) language to inform our client on the procedure to be followed in an insured event, the rules of document formalization, and the actions required of the client and the insurance company. This offers our clients better awareness of their rights and obligations. Persons who pursue to intentionally confuse an insurance company come very well prepared to the fraudulent act and need no consultation. On the other hand, honest clients that face an incident for the first time very much need advice on the course of actions and the procedure of document formalization.