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Depending on the line of insurance and the intricacy of the incident, interaction with the insurance company and the process of preparation of documents required to claim an insurance payout may be quite onerous. This means time, resources and efforts of employees are diverted. We offer claim handling services on behalf of your business. Our professionals would prepare, fill in and submit to insurance company all the needed application forms, assist in obtaining and formalizing all the necessary documents to confirm the occurrence of the incident and the amount of damage, and monitor the process of review of the documents by the insurance company and observance of proper deadlines. We are prepared to provide support in case of occurrence of an incident related to any line of voluntary insurance. In cases of incidents occurring abroad Belarus in relation to international freight forwarders or persons traveling abroad in the status of the faultless insured, we may assist in handling claims at the location of the incident without resorting to insurance policies obtained in Belarus.

By request of our clients, we are prepared to provide advice and information support in engaging partners in order to accelerate recovery of the damaged equipment.