Radio, television, mobile communications and the Internet has become so common that we hardly appreciate the physical and human resources needed to maintain continuous operation of these media who have become a considerable part of today’s comfortable life. Communication dictates, in one way or another, the working of any other domain of activity – from production to trade. The telecommunications sector is one of the most advanced spheres in terms of risk insurance requiring both skills and expertise.

The primary services we offer in the telecommunication sector are development, administration and support of property insurance contracts.

Damage of equipment or its malfunction due to, among other things, breakdowns, is one of the crucial risks in telecommunications. Special operational features of equipment and networks require consideration of many factors that affect the degree of risk in order to develop an insurance scheme based on the revealed particularities.

To our clients doing business in the telecommunication sector, we also offer the services of cargo insurance program development and maintenance. 

Apart from the above, we would combine efforts with you specialists in developing requirements to liability insurance of contractors engaged in transportation, assemblage and installation activities, in order to achieve distribution of risks and share responsibility in cases of any incident.

The cost of telecommunication equipment is just too high and its operation too exposed to risks to save on an insurance contract.

We also offer insurance of commodity stock, materials and components stored at business-owned or rented facilities.

Apart from special lines of insurance, we also organize insurance in any required area:

  1. Other fixed and working asset insurance.
  2. General third-party liability insurance of damage caused to third persons and the environment, and insurance of liability related to operation of high-hazard facilities.
  3. Any line of employee insurance (medical insurance, accident insurance and other lines).


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