To an economy, logistics and cargo transportation are like blood circulation system to a body. A “thrombus”, or a bottleneck occurring at a vulnerable moment may be harmful to the whole system which is efficient otherwise. Due to its critical importance, logistics and transportation are among the industries most exposed to risks, and thus, insurance services are much demanded. Many insurers focus specifically on insurance in this sector understandably believing it to be the most advantageous. High competition among insurance companies has led to the development of a variety of insurance lines that differ widely in terms, cost and quality of service.

Our many years of experience of providing insurance services and claim handling in the sector would ease you into making sense of this diversity.

We also offer other lines of insurance that would ensure the freight forwarder feels they are thoroughly protected when on the road. Since relocation of cargo by motor vehicles remains a business very much exposed to risks, we arrange for professional liability insurance to forwarding agents that seek insurance coverage; we would also help in selecting the best partner for cargo insurance. Besides that, if needed, we may offer training to your specialists and call their attention to specific items that need to be scrutinized when checking CMR insurance certificates submitted by freight forwarders.

Owning to a service partnership, we are able to provide services of claim handling, risk assessment, request and gather documents required to collect insurance compensation, and perform cargo inspection (surveyor’s examination) when accepting a cargo for insurance and in cases of damage occurrence.

For companies providing professional services of cargo storage, handling and custom clearance, we would be glad to develop an insurance program which would take into account the specifics of your business and contractual relations with partners and customers.


Andrey Leshkov

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